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Type: Dissertação
Title: A formação de gestores e as competências para a gestão do espaço físico e do patrimônio da escola: o caso da superintendência regional de ensino de Sete Lagoas/MG
Author: Abreu, Cláudio Renato Souza
First Advisor: Machado, Márcia Cristina da Silva
Referee Member: Sanabio, Marcos Tanure
Referee Member: Calvelli, Haudrey Germiniani
Resumo: -
Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to analyze if the extent of the Progestão really develops the necessary skills to managers of public schools at the Superintendence Regional de Ensino de Sete Lagoas (SRE / SL) for the management of physical structure, equipments and furniture of the schools. Studying this issue is important because the management of the physical structure, equipments and furniture of the schools should be considered as strategic as it is important to create a school environment that will contribute to a better learning process. The methodology is implemented and used as a qualitative research method case study. In the field research, managers, who were participants of the Training Program for Managers School in distance (Progestão), editions of 2004, 2005, 2005, 2006, 2007/2008, 2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011 and 2012, were interviewed by using a questionnaire. To be more accurate this study was based on a document analysis and indirect observation of the author who works at SRE / SL. Furthermore, correlated topics such as: strategic and participative management, the dimensions of school management and the job roles of managers. In addition to this, was considered how the management of physical structure, equipments and furniture of the school may affect school performance. The results obtained in this study show that for managers in the physical structure and school equity there is a need for training that goes beyond available by Progestão and the Action Plan brings a proposal to improve this situation.
Keywords: Progestão
Gestão Educacional
Espaço Físico
Educational Management
Physical structure
Language: por
Country: Brasil
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora
Institution Initials: UFJF
Department: Faculdade de Educação
Program: Mestrado em Gestão e Avaliação em Educação Pública
Access Type: Acesso Aberto
Issue Date: 24-Sep-2014
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