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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Excitação eletrônica das moléculas de metacrilato de metila e estireno na região do ultravioleta de vácuo
Other Titles: Electronic excitation of the methyl methacrylate and styrene molecules in the vuv range
Author: Rocco, M. L. M.
Souza, G. G. B. de
Lopes, Maria Cristina Andreolli
Lucas, C. A.
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Abstract: Angle-resolved electron energy-loss spectra have been measured for the methyl methacrylate (MMA) and styrene molecules in the 0 - 50 eV energy range. The spectra have been obtained at 1 keV incident energy, with an energy resolution of 0.8 eV and covering an angular range of 2.0 to 7.0 degrees. Within our knowledge, this is the first gas-phase excitation spectrum for MMA and styrene in this energy range. The spectra of MMA at small scattering angles are dominated by an intense peak at 6.7 eV followed by a broad band centered at about 16 eV. In the case of styrene, six bands can be observed in the spectra. Based on the angular behaviour of the excitation spectra of these molecules, the low-lying peaks observed are considered to be associated predominantly with dipole-allowed processes. In both cases, new bands can be observed for excitation energies greater than 20 eV. This could be associated with dipole-forbidden transitions to shake-up and doubly-excited states.
Keywords: Methyl methacrylate
Excitation energy
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Country: Brasil
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Issue Date: Feb-1998
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