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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Pulpal response of dogs primary teeth to an adhesive system or to a calcium hydroxide cement
Other Titles: Resposta pulpar de dentes decíduos de cães a um sistema adesivo ou ao cimento de hidróxido de cálcio
Author: Ribeiro, Rosângela Almeida
Myaki, Silvio Issáo
Gioso, Marco Antônio
Araújo, Ney Soares de
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Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the pulpal response of dogs primary teeth to an adhesive system or to a calcium hidroxide cement after mechanic exposure of the pulp. Three mongrel dogs were used and ten class V cavities were prepared on their teeth. A mechanic pulp exposure was produced with a sterile exploratory probe in the central portion of each cavity and bleeding was controlled with dry sterile cotton pellets. Enamel, dentin and the site of the pulp exposure of five teeth were etched with 35% phosphoric acid followed by the application of an adhesive system (Scotchbond Multi-Purpose - 3M). In the other five teeth, calcium hydroxide cement (Hydro C - Dentsply) was applied on the site of the pulp exposition before application of the adhesive system (Scotchbond Multi-Purpose - 3M). All teeth were restored with a resin composite (Z-100 - 3M). After 7, 30 or 45 days the dogs were anesthetized and perfused with saline followed by a solution of neutral buffered formalin. Maxilla and mandible were sectioned into three parts and placed in a solution for demineralization. Following bone demineralization, all teeth were cut, trimmed, embedded in paraffin and longitudinally cut. Then, the teeth were stained with hematoxilin and eosin and observed under a light microscope. The results obtained with the treatments proposed in this study showed the presence and persistence of an inflammatory response of different intensities at the three experimental periods. There was no variation in the inflammatory response regarding the different treatments performed.
Keywords: Dental pulp
Adhesive system
Calcium hydroxide
Primary tooth
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Language: eng
Country: Brasil
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Issue Date: Mar-2000
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