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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Oxocarbonos, pseudo-oxocarbonos e esquaraínas
Other Titles: Oxocarbons, pseudo-oxocarbons and squaraines
Author: Oliveira, Vanessa E. de
Diniz, Renata
Oliveira, Luiz Fernando C. de
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Abstract: Oxocarbons ions are cyclic compounds presenting unusual electronic and vibrational properties. These molecules anions possess a high symmetry and degree of electronic delocalization, characteristics that have been discussed in several structural and spectroscopic investigations. Compounds in which one or more of the carbonyl oxygen atoms are replaced by other atoms or groups are called pseudo-oxocarbons. Compounds formed by substitution of the carbonyl groups by nitrogen groups former a new class named squaraines. Specificity the dicyanomethylene groups are interesting because of the possibility of further extension of the electronic delocalization and a new coordination site. These molecules also present interesting coordination properties which make these systems potentially useful in crystal engineering research.
Keywords: Oxocarbons
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Language: por
Country: Brasil
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Access Type: Acesso Aberto
Issue Date: 2009
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