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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Nurses and care delivery to elderly women: a social phenomenological approach
Author: Caldeira, Sebastião
Merighi, Miriam Aparecida Barbosa
Muñoz, Luz Angelica
Jesus, Maria Cristina Pinto de
Domingos, Selisvane Ribeiro da Fonseca
Oliveira, Deíse Moura de
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Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To understand how nurses see care delivery to elderly women. METHODS: In this phenomenological study, ten nurses working at Primary Health Care Units were interviewed between September 2010 and January 2011. RESULTS: In care delivery, nurses consider the elderly women's knowledge background and biographical situation, and also value the family's participation as a care mediator. These professionals have the acuity to capture these women's specific demands, but face difficulties to deliver care to these clients. Nurses expect to deliver qualified care to these women. CONCLUSION: The theoretical and methodological approach of social phenomenology permitted revealing that the nurse designs qualified care to elderly women, considering the possibilities in the context. This includes the participation of different social actors and health sectors, assuming collective efforts in action strategies and professional training, in line with the particularities and care needs of elderly women nurses identify.
Keywords: Nursing
Health of the elderly
Nursing care
Comprehensive health care
Qualitative research
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Language: eng
Country: Brasil
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Issue Date: Sep-2012
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