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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Construção de um dispositivo de pressurização a vácuo para a preparação de fases estacionárias monolíticas via processo sol-gel
Other Titles: Construction of a vacuum pressurization device for preparation of sol-gel monolithic stationary phases
Author: Ribeiro, Sandro Pereira
Vaz, Fernando Antonio Simas
Oliveira, Marcone Augusto Leal de
Mendes, Thiago de Oliveira
Mendonça, José Paulo Rodrigues Furtado de
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Abstract: The filling of capillaries via the sol-gel process is growing. Therefore, this technical note focuses on disseminating knowledge acquired in the Group of Analytical Chemistry and Chemometrics over seven years working with monolithic stationary phase preparation in fused silica capillaries. We believe that the detailed information presented in this technical note concerning the construction of an alternative high pressurization device, used to fill capillary columns via the sol-gel process, which has promising potential for applications involving capillary electrochromatography and liquid chromatography in nano scale, may be enlightening and motivating for groups interested in developing research activities within this theme.
Keywords: High pressurization device
Sol-gel chemistry
Monolithic stationary phase
Capillary electrochromatography
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Language: por
Country: Brasil
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Issue Date: Jan-2015
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