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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: The experience of women with abortion during adolescence as demanded by their mothers
Author: Domingos, Selisvane Ribeiro da Fonseca
Merighi, Miriam Aparecida Barbosa
Jesus, Maria Cristina Pinto de
Oliveira, Deíse Moura de
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Abstract: OBJECTIVE: to understand the experience of women who induced an abortion during adolescence as demanded by their mothers. METHOD: qualitative study with a social phenomenology approach conducted in 2010 with three women through interviews with open questions. RESULTS: the participants tried to hide their pregnancies from their mothers and when the mothers found out about the pregnancies they decide to interrupt it, demanding that their daughters have an abortion, which was performed in an unsafe manner, regardless of the adolescents' desire. After the abortion, the adolescents experienced suffering, guilt, and regret for not having fought against their mothers' decisions. These women expect to be autonomous to make their own decisions, take care of their own health and become pregnant again. CONCLUSION: the study evidenced the decision for an abortion was centered on the adolescents' mothers, a result that deserves to be further explored in future research deepening the relationship established between daughter and mother in the situation of an induced abortion. We suggest the creation of opportunities for the triad of health professional/adolescent/family to dialogue, especially the mother, who in the context of family relations, can help the daughter to safely deal with an early pregnancy and prevent it instead of influencing the adolescent to induce an abortion.
Keywords: Induced
Pregnancy in Adolescence
Women's Health
Qualitative Research
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Language: eng
Country: Brasil
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Issue Date: Aug-2013
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