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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Nesting substrata, colony success and productivity of the wasp Mischocyttarus cassununga
Author: Castro, Mariana M. de
Avelar, Daniela L. Guimarães de
Souza, André R. de
Prezoto, Fábio
Resumo: -
Abstract: Nesting substrata, colony success and productivity of the wasp Mischocyttarus cassununga. Colonies of the wasp Mischocyttarus cassununga (von Ihering, 1903) are easily found in urban areas. However, in spite of the massive presence of this species in cities, little is known about its nesting habits, colony success and productivity. The present study aimed at answering the following questions: What are the substrates used for nesting by M. cassununga? What is the main foundation strategy adopted by M. cassununga in urban areas: a solitary female or associative foundation? Is there a relationship between foundation strategies and colony success? Is the total number of cells per nest related to the number of adults produced? The study was conducted in Juiz de Fora, southeastern Brazil, from December 2006 to November 2007. Nesting in man-made substrata seems to be a common strategy in M. cassununga (90.9%), with preference for nest building with a horizontal comb facing north. The colonies were established mainly by groups of foundresses (67.6%), with a success of 84%. The number of brood cells produced per nest was 71.74 ± 45.25 (18–203), and it was positively correlated with the number of adults produced. Hence, we can say that the nests founded by M. cassununga are located mainly in man-made substrata and mostly founded by a group of females. The cell reuse behavior increases the number of adults produced, as it optimizes foraging. These characteristics together with its behavior and nesting habits promote the success of this species in thriving in urban environments.
Keywords: Hymenoptera
Social wasp
Urban environment
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Language: eng
Country: Brasil
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Issue Date: Apr-2014
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