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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Therapeutic itineraries for patients with cerebrovascular accident: fragmentation of care in a regionalized health network
Author: Fausto, Márcia Cristina Rodrigues
Campos, Estela Márcia Saraiva
Almeida, Patty Fidelis
Medina, Maria Guadalupe
Giovanella, Ligia
Bousquat, Aylene
Carneiro, Angela
Jerônimo, Aline Silva
Aleluia, Ítalo Ricardo Santos
Borges, Gabriela Almeida
Mota, Paulo Henrique dos Santos
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Abstract: Objectives: to analyze the itineraries of patients with cerebrovascular accident (CVA) in the Interstate health region in San Francisco Valley. Methods: this study uses the qualitative approach through the construction of Therapeutic Itineraries (IT). In the IT mapping the observation was prioritized on the different points and forms to access health service in search of care.. Results: sixteen semi-structured interviews with healthcare users were conducted. There were diverse forms to access and provide services at the Rede Interestadual de Atenção à Saúde do Vale do Médio São Francisco–PEBA (Interstate Healthcare Network Region in the San Francisco Valley), which could be characterized by disorganized and uncoordinated care in the analyzed cases, despite the guarantee of hospital care. The Primary Health Care (APS) teams are present at a care point with most of the patients' itineraries, however, little integration to the regionalized network and they were unable to perform their functions and coordinate the care. It is observed pilgrimage assistance, fragmented care and difficulties in receiving care after post hospitalization which is essential for the patients’ rehabilitation. Conclusions: traces of fragments of the regional health system are important warning signs that points out fragility in PEBA and demonstrate persistent gaps in the public health system to fulfil the responsibility and guarantee individuals’ right for health.
Keywords: Primary health care
Health policies
Health systems
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Language: eng
Country: Brasil
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Citation: FAUSTO, Márcia Cristina Rodrigues et al . Therapeutic itineraries for patients with cerebrovascular accident: fragmentation of care in a regionalized health network. Rev. Bras. Saude Mater. Infant., Recife , v. 17, supl. 1, p. S63-S72, 2017. Disponível em <>. acessos em 03 set. 2018.
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Issue Date: 2017
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